A place to reflect, recharge, and relax.



A place to reflect, recharge, and relax.

A Destination

Located on a quiet peninsula, accessible by boat, Entusi is a unique destination for travelers, students and community leaders.

Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi - one of East Africa's most natural beauties - Entusi is a serene and reflective place.

Run the Global Livingston Institute, Entusi's mission is to serve as a world-class destination for travelers while positively impacting the health and vitality of communities in East Africa through community investment and outreach, research, and and exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing.

Retreat center

Ideal for conferences and staff retreats, Entusi provides a creative and innovative working space, capable of hosting up to 40 people.


Our sustainable business model provides important job opportunities for community members while also allocating a percentage of our income to community investment projects.


The magical Lake Bunyonyi is the perfect place to enjoy nature. 

Entusi was a fresh break from the outside world. Stunning views with a little piece of heaven is the best way to describe my four night stay here. The locals were pleasant and the staff was spectacular in terms of service and catering to our needs. To stay here again....count me in!
— Phil Eggers (Trip Advisor Review)
Highly suggested to stay here! The accommodations were clean and comfortable (toilets and showers, too). The staff were very attentive and incredibly friendly. My favorite spot was cuddled up next to a roaring fire with a cold beer while watching the sunset. There are also a ton of activities from swimming, hiking, canoeing, games and more. I honestly can’t think of a negative thing to say, and if you do not stay here, you will regret it!
— Maggie, TX, USA (Trip Advisor Review)
My stay at Entusi was beyond incredible! You must take a short boat ride to the resort. I took the boat ride both at night and during the day, both experiences were phenomenal. Experiencing the lake at night and seeing the beauty during the day was magical. You have amazing views of Lake Bunyonyi and other small islands, you can even ask one of the Entusi staff to take you for a visit to a nearby island! The staff are so welcoming and excited to assist you in anyway they can. The food is beyond delicious. You can spend your time swimming, playing volleyball, reading, hiking, canoeing, and many other activities. For me, it was an incredible time of reflection. Could not recommend it enough for a group or a solo traveler. I stayed in the group tents, which shared a bathroom/showers and had no problem at all. You are also able to reserve private accommodations. The bed/sheets and pillows were amazing. I never had trouble sleeping while staying at Entusi!
— Isamar Tello (Trip Advisor Review)